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Bamboo vinegar is one of 8 powerful ingredients of the Takara Body Detoxification Foot Patches

Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo vinegar contains over 200 ingredients (80 - 90% of which is water); all are of a natural composition, and safe for use on humans. It has a disinfectant effect in sterilizing the skin; the ester content can easy permeate and bring nutriment to the deep tissues. The acetic acid contained in bamboo vinegar will soften the skin cuticle and has a wonderful effect for skin care relieving dermatitis, itch, athlete's foot etc.

Bamboo vinegar is a by-product of bamboo carbonization. Herbal properties include the powerful ability to assist in the discharge of unnecessary waste matter and toxins from the human body. Bamboo vinegar has also been used in health food drinks, cosmetics, medicines, and horticultural products.

In Japanese bamboo vinegar is also known as chikusaku, liquid bamboo vinegar is also known as chikusakueki, and the bamboo vinegar powder is called chikusakubum. Bamboo vinegar is derived from the smoke of carbonized bamboo, has a special tart flavor and smoky smell. It is widely believed the Sumiyaki (one who makes the bamboo vinegar) has no disease, due to its effectiveness in disinfecting and sterilization. Recently bamboo vinegar has drawn the attention of medical researches for the treatment of dermatitis, diabetes and other human maladies.

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Additional resources for bamboo vinegar: The vapor that comes off the heated bamboo can be condensed to produce a liquid known as bamboo vinegar... A few drops of bamboo vinegar in the water are beneficial too...

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