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Takara body detoxification foot patches

Discover this amazing scientific breakthrough in body detoxification after 26 years of research!

Takara Detox Foot Patches

We are living in the most polluted and toxic times in the history of the world

What is meant by toxins and body detoxification?

Toxins are defined as harmful chemicals or substances that occur in nature and/or are manufactured. Whether a toxin actually causes harm in a particular situation is based on a multiplicity of factors such as: potency (acute toxicity being the strongest), rate of exposure, dose, and individual sensitivity. Toxins can cause a variety of harms, ranging from cancer (carcinogen) to upset stomachs to learning and developmental disorders.

The various sources of toxins that afflict the human body may be classified into three different categories that are distinct from one another, yet may affect the same individual concurrently.

Category 1 - Exogenous Toxins:

Exogenous toxins are primarily attributed to the products of the petrochemical and industrial ages. The toxins are entering the system from the outside, such as food additives, x-ray, ELF waves, chemicals, industrial pollutants, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc. The toxins may also come from an excess of stimulants such as tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, medicines, injury, accidents, over-exercise, and etcetera. Industry has brought with it an array of toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, bismuth, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, platinum, silver, thallium, thorium, tin, and uranium.

So, by man's ingenuity (the industrial age), we have been increasing the load of toxins in our bodies daily.

Category 2 - Endogenous Toxins:

The endogenous toxins are found within the human body: microbial viruses and toxins associated with tuberculosis, syphilis or other diseases due to microbes; the inability to throw off dead cells correctly in the catabolic phase; excess hormone secretions due to stress that are not correctly processed; and emotional activity that renders one out of control with the inability to quiet the system.

Category 3 - Autogenous Toxins:

Autogenous toxins are generated within the body from heredity weakness such as miasmatic influences (miasm - a genetic tendency towards) such as psora, sycosis, and etcetera. Depending on the person's constitution and temperament, the autogenous toxins affect the body's organs primarily by inhibiting a good immune response and lowering its resistance.

Why should I care about body detoxification:

Body detoxification is the cornerstone of both healing and the prevention of disease. Body detoxification covers the sum total of therapeutic means available to ensure the elimination of toxins that deplete the organs of the human body through natural channels and with natural substances. The Takara Body Detox Foot Patches are manufactured with all natural substances and has been certified safe by the FDA.

The general term drainage in body detoxification is the draining or flowing away from, and is vital in the process of body / organ detoxification. As one is detoxifying the cells and the tissues of their body, if the organs to be detoxified are not draining properly, there can be much discomfort known as a healing crisis. This healing crisis effect is totally avoided by using the Takara Body Detox Foot Patches in that the toxins are eliminated through the acupuncture points of the feet and bypass the organs.

The need for a quality body detox product

The body has plenty to do in just detoxifying itself from the waste products of its own metabolism processes. Our bodies are designed to detoxify very well indeed if given enough pure water and fiber. The body devotes its largest organs to the job of detoxification, the skin, the kidneys, the liver and the colon. However, the cultural norm is to drink very little (if any) pure water and to eat little fiber. In the place of pure water (distilled water), we drink tap water, bottled mineral water, milk, soda pop, coffee, alcohol, and so on. In the place of fiber we feed ourselves way to much meat, fish, fowl, fast food, breads, pasta, rice, potatoes, corn chips, adnauseam.

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