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Takara body detoxification foot patches

Discover this amazing scientific breakthrough in body detoxification after 26 years of research!

Takara Detox Foot Patches

Unsolicited testimonials received from satisfied customers of the Takara body detoxification foot patches

My holistic doctor prescribed foot patches to me for detoxification purposes. I bought them from and they sure worked.

Some people thought I was nuts and that it was a gimmick. They told me that it was merely a chemical reaction from perspiration turning the pad a dark color. Well they were so wrong. After wearing them for about three months, in the morning they were just as white as when I put them on at night. They did their job! Kudos to Jeff and the body detoxification patches.

If anyone wants to contact me about my experiences concerning the Takara Body Detoxification Foot Patches I can be reached via email at:


I have suffered many years with different illnesses and had almost given up to living a life with pain. I decided to give the Takara foot patches a try. I am more than happy, and pain free only after using them less than a month! I could hardly get up out of bed in the mornings from painful legs and feet. After one night of using the foot patches, I could tell a very noticeable difference! I suffer with diabetes and have tried many things to relief the pain, but this product is truly a GREAT FIND!!! Thank you so much for giving a choice in health aids. There are no words to say how much better I feel.


My favorite form of body detoxification works while I sleep, the Takara body detox patches draw the toxins and waste through the skin, working through the acupuncture points of my feet cleansing, clearing and balancing my system. When removing the pads the next morning my feet were very sticky and gooey from the toxins extracted overnight. They were a mess but definitely worth the hassle in my opinion. Yep, I have tried some of the cheaper copy cat brands, and the few that offered a refund got them back... Thank you Takara!


I am a young, healthy construction worker with no apparent or noticeable health problems. A few months back, while mountain biking, I must have picked up a bug or virus of some kind, by the time I arrived home I was throwing up, very pale and felt terrible. I had a few of the Takara body detox patches a friend had passed on sometime time back and thought what the heck, I'll give them a try.

The next morning I felt great and could not believe the sludge the patches pulled out of my body! Can't say if it was the patches or just something I had ate. Irregardless I was sold! I definitely feel an energy boost and quite the sense of accomplishment the next morning as I throw those toxic laden patches in the trash.


A couple months ago I was given some information and some samples of the Takara body detox foot patches. At 53 and being extremely health conscious, especially over the past 10 years, I am always interested in continuing to learn more and to improve my daily health regimen. I have taken the highest quality herbs from the Amazon rain forest for the past 5 years, as well as numerous other things I do, with excellent results and never get sick, including colds etc. Some of the herbal formulas I take are specifically formulated for removing toxins and poisons from the body and without being fanatical, I do as much as I can to keep from putting poisons and toxins in my body, realizing that keeping the body cleansed is vital to good overall health.

Therefore I was not expecting the immediate cleansing results I received from the Takara body detox foot patches. I have been using them for about two months now on a daily basis and even though the toxic removal is not as heavy as at first, it is still substantial. Since I was so healthy before and felt good, I have not noticed a difference in the way I feel, but I do feel the patches are removing damaging toxins and poisons that have probably been in my body for years and I am very happy to see them being removed now. I plan to continue with the Takara body detox foot patches until they come out clean per instructions and then to continue to use them at a maintenance level. I expect over a period of time, I will also notice an improvement in the way I feel, as getting those heavy metals and other toxins removed from my body, can only bring good results!

To whom it may concern;

I purchased the 36 count package of the Takara Foot Patches. After several months of indecision, I decided to purchase the Takara brand. I had used a free sample of another brand and I was not impressed with the results. I could not get my mind off the concept and after checking out many different brands, I decided on Takara.

They are FDA approved in California. That in itself is powerful. After using them on both feet for only 6 nights I can tell a difference in my overall wellness. I do feel lighter. The most exciting news to me is what has happened with the skin on the tops of my feet and lower legs and ankles. I had unsightly broken veins and they had darkened. No one could help me...not the doctors... no creams... no information I searched for. The last resort would have been costly laser treatments where they actually destroy the damaged blood veins. I did not want them to destroy my veins!

I wanted my veins to heal and have life in the skin they were meant to bring life to. In just 6 nights, I have seen life come back into my skin. The unsightly broken veins are lightening up. I am half way through my 36 count box and I am ordering more so I will not be out of them. With summer here and shorts and bathing suits...Oh! What a blessing! After I am through with my results, my husband is next to use Takara Foot Patches.

DC Peterson

The above are unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers of the Takara Body Detoxification Foot Patches offered through In hindsight I should have wrote down the hundreds of others I have received in taking re-orders over the phone.

I have received samples of competing body detox patches from 11 other manufactures over the past year. Most of the other foot patches did work to some extent in that they would change color slightly overnight. It did not seem to matter if they claimed a high ion count or were fancy foil backed, or any other hype. The bottom line is they just did not pull the amount of toxic matter and gunk out of my body that the Takara Body Detoxification product does. I will keep an open mind and continue to test samples from other manufactures I may receive, but for now, the Takara brand of body detoxification foot patches will be the only brand offered through


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