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Takara body detoxification foot patches

Discover this amazing scientific breakthrough in body detoxification after 26 years of research!

Takara Detox Foot Patches

Houttuynia cordata is one of 8 powerful ingredients of the Takara Body Detoxification Foot Patches

Houttuynia Cordata

Houttuynia cordata is a perennial herb native to mountainous regions of eastern Asia, while it exists also in China, mainly in its middle, southeastern and southwestern provinces and regions, such as Sichuan and Chongqing. Grows to 15 inches high with an indefinite spread as a creeping rhizome in moist locations. This is a rampant-growing herbaceous plant, though it dies right down in the winter. It succeeds in moist and wet soils as well as in shallow water.

Houttuynia cordata a Chinese medicinal herb and vegetable, is the only species in the genus Houttuynia. In Chinese herbal medicine, Houttuynia cordata have been used for healing wounds. The medicinal effect derives from aldehydes and ketones that are the source of its foul smell. Houttuynia cordata is proven to have antibacterial effects against Trichophyton, staphylococci, gonococci and tubercule bacilli. The whole plant is dried and brewed, and used for treatments such as diuretics, antipyretics, pus removal, detoxification, swelling, hypertension, pulmonary tuberculosis, constipation, colds, and Para nasal sinusitis.

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